Test Engineer tests,
ASI Datalab does the rest

Manage, Analyze & Visualize Automotive
Test & Measurement Data

What is ASI Datalab?

ASI Datalab is a powerful PLM equivalent for automotive test & measurement data. It has data management, visualization and analysis tools for NVH, Road Load, Powertrain, Vehicle Dynamics, Durability, Thermal, CAN, Rig Data and many more kinds of data generated during automotive product development process.

Why ASI Datalab?



Hours are spent by an average test engineer for analysis and reporting for each 1 hour of test data.


Hours are spent by an average test engineer for reporting and analysis every year.

In ASI Datalab environment, all test and measurement data is stored in a single database and using ASI Datalab the users can access, visualize and perform analysis on data which removes data management hassles and scales down analysis and reporting time.


Time (man-hours) reduction achieved in automotive testing using ASI Datalab (user verified).

Centralized Storage & Backup

Single Database


Big Data Analytics

Real Time Collaboration


No Coding Required

Automated Data Processing & Reporting

Test Data Management

Effortlessly manage, access and work on your data in our TDM module with our smooth interface and advanced management features.

Test Data Visualization

ASI Datalab has best in class visualization capabilities to suit all types of data and can display it as per your preference.

Test Data Analysis

Testing is always followed by analysis. ASI Datalab allows you to perform data processing and analysis in the same platform where your data is managed.

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