About Us

ASI Datalab is the brain child of a team who is working in automotive domain and was developing software for internal use from 2016.

2019- ASIDatalab finds acceptance in the industry

More investment and efforts have already started yielding great results. ASIDatalab has grown in functionality with constant updates of new releases with new facilities and test hardware makers are coming onboard with integrations. Many Automotive OEMs have started evaluating the software for use in various domains of Electric Vehicle, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH, Durability etc for full scale implementation.

2018- We take a step forward and introduce ASIDatalab to world

Our proprietary software suite for test data management and analysis. ASIDatalab has helped us deliver large projects on time with small teams and now it will be available to clients for use with option in Enterprise as well as Cloud base.

2017- Its ASIDatalab, our software gets its name

We start developing the product for the external client. In the meantime, software keeps supporting the internal team to deliver multiple projects to clients in the domain of automotive engineering.

2016- ASIDatalab is in its nascent stage and still hasn’t got its name.

It is still under the umbrella of the Advanced Structures India (www.advancedstructures.in) and providing multiple solutions to the team internally. It has demonstrated its capability in delivering complete teardown of 4 vehicles and 2 powertrains in just 45 days while simultaneously benchmarking 5 commercial vehicles for over 120 test parameters.

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