Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) Test Data Automation

Passenger Vehicle OEMs, Commercial Vehicle OEMs, Car OEMs and Engine Manufacturers

Current BS6 Migration is generating huge amounts of test data. A dedicated data server edition of ASI Datalab is designed to store all this data, analyse it automatically as fresh dumps arrive, generate reports and triggers automatically. Number of engineers involved in managing and processing this data should be Zero.

Step 1. Vehicle Testing by OEM

OEM testing team ( or ASI’s testing services team) conducts BS6 testing on several vehicles using multiple types of hardware.

Step 2. Data upload to ASI Datalab

These test data file dumps are then uploaded to ASI Datalab BS6 Test Data Automation Edition.

Step 3. Automated Test Data Management, Analysis & Visualization

ASI Datalab automatically picks the data files, analyses it as per pre-configured process and reports are generated. Triggers are configured and red flags are sent to engineers and managers as soon as they are found in the test file dumps.

Why Smart Data Management?

  • ORGANIZE all test data
  • SAVE reporting & data management time
  • STRUCTURAL management of test data
  • REDUCE COST of overall program tremendously
  • AUTOMATED ANALYSIS in just one click
  • ASI can also test your vehicles for data acquisition.
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