Test Data Management for Passenger Car Testing

Store all testing data in one place, plot graphs, compare test data across models & variants, make this data available to all engineers & program managers, eliminate test data reporting hours for testing team, integrate with existing IT processes and migrate legacy data to the ASI Datalab platform.

The Data

Test data covers various domains including NVH, Road Load Data, Thermal Measurements, Vehicle Dynamics Data, Seat Comfort Pressure Maps, Effort and Ergonomics Values, Ride Quality and more.

Intended Use of Test Data

  • By Product & Program Managers-Compare own vehicles with competitor on various parameters in various test conditions, set engineering targets in-line with strategy, without any reporting requirements from testing or vehicle attribute team.
  • By Design Engineers –Study own and competitor teardown data & images, create design strategies and search for relevant test data in the entire database.
  • By CAE Engineers –Acquire loads and results to perform and establish correlation using data from prototype and other vehicles on similar platform.
  • By Cross Functional Project Team –To study the gap between target & prototypes of various attributes and plan mitigation activities.
  • By Sourcing Team –To find parts with required test performance from other vehicles, study competitor teardown information and relevant test data.

Data from various testing domains

Specific templates to present every type of automotive testing data is used to ensure that all information is always presented in the most usable form. These templates cover road, rig and track test results covering various engineering parameters. Graphs can be resized, zoomed, placed next to any other graph from any other project.

Test Process Standardisation and SOP Version

Test process is standardised and this information is recorded along with every test result. This allows users to look at data from other offices, product generations and teams in relevant perspective.

Access Control & Information Security

Administration features in ASI Datalab allow the organisation to ensure that the right data is available to the right team and nobody else. External network access and the IP address is driven controls to ensure your data remains safe at all time.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Database files are exported for backup along with the company’s other sensitive data as per existing policy. This file can be used to restore normal operations quickly during disaster recovery.
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