Test Data Management-cloud version for Motorsports

For Motorsport teams of all sizes, Datalab cloud software will be suitable to analyse , visualize & manage test data efficiently without any loss of data quality.

Datalab for a motorsport team?

Motorsport teams (including F1, Formula E, Indycar and others) conduct large number of tests, which lead to creation of huge amount of data. Managing such data year after year becomes difficult. ASI Datalab gives the ability to store all the test data in cloud for analyzing and generating custom reports instantly.

What type of test data can it handle ?

Datalab can be used for all types of test data. For Motorsport teams the following data is important and pre defined templates are available.

Tyre Data, Vehicle Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Test Video, Thermal, Efforts, NVH, Rig Testing data and more.

What can be done with Datalab ?

  • Test engineer can upload data from track which can be analysed and viewed by anyone in the workshop instantly.
  • Test Data of various versions of the car can be compared to evaluate the trend in performance change of the car.
  • Multiple prototypes with different components/subsystems can be compared for performance to find the best combination.

But, Why Datalab?

  • Store all your test data at one place eliminating duplication of data and data management hassles.
  • Store/Access your test data from anywhere and using any device.
  • Read/Write/Delete – Different levels of access can be granted to different levels of engineers by the admin.
  • Never worry about loss of data when employee leaves the team.
  • Wide variety of graphs can be generated as per interest of the visualizer
  • All types of data can be visualized using the software and custom visualization methods can be also be done.
  • Store Unlimited amount of test data securely.
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