What is Cross Spectral Density (CSD)? How to calculate CSD in ASI Datalab?

Cross Spectral Density (CSD)

Cross Spectral Density (CSD) uses two discrete time domain signals to compare each other in terms of amplitude and phase (time delay).
It uses Welch’s modified periodogram method for computation. It requires two inputs, first being the response signal and second being the excitation/reference signal. The output is a function of frequency (Hz) in complex (Real & Imaginary) form.

To calculate Cross Spectral Density (CSD) in ASI Datalab following parameters are required as input:

  • Required Frequency Spacing (Hz)
  • Data Window (Default: Hann)
    • Available Window Options
      •  Parzen
      • Bartlett
      • Hanning
      • Hamming
      • Kaiser
      • Flat Top
      • Blackman-Harris
  • Percentage Overlap (Default: 75%)
    • Available: 0%, 25%, 50% and 75%
  • Use nearest spacing (Default: No)

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