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Calculate Mean Fully Developed Deceleration (MFDD) using ASI Datalab

Mean Fully Developed Deceleration (MFDD)

It is defined as the maximum deceleration a vehicle can achieve. Normally the deceleration between 80% and 10% of the trigger test speed.
From the test speed, the module scans the data for the last point closest to test speed.
MFDD is calculated using the formula:

From the scanned test speed, other parameters vb, ve, Se and Sb are calculated. If vo is the initial test speed, then
vb = speed at 0.8vo
ve = speed at 0.1vo
Se = distance travelled between vo and ve in meters
Sb = distance travelled between vo and vb in meters

To calculate MFDD in ASI Datalab following input required.

  • Test Speed (kmph)- Enter the speed from where breaking started.
Input signal should be real.
Input signal must consist only the part where the braking happens.
The module accepts units kmph, KPH and km/hr.

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