What is isolation and how to calculate isolation in ASI Datalab?

Isolation is the ratio of difference between input (Reference/Excitation) and output (Response) to Input (Reference/Excitation). Generally, it means reduction. It can be represented in percentage (%) or dB as explained below.

RMS trend for output and input signal required to calculate isolation in time domain, whereas spectrum of both input and out required to calculate isolation in frequency domain.

To Calculate Isolation in ASI Datalab first we perform spectrum for which auto RMS spectrum is used with the following options.

  • Required Frequency Spacing (Hz)
  • Data Window (Default: Hann)
    • Available Window Options
      •  Parzen
      • Bartlett
      • Hanning
      • Hamming
      • Kaiser
      • Flat Top
      • Blackman-Harris
  • Percentage Overlap (Default: 75%)
    • Available: 0%, 25%, 50% and 75%
  • Analysis Mode (Spectrum Level)
  • Use nearest spacing (Default: Yes)
Than isolation is calculated for input and output spectrum.
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