What is a sawtooth wave and how to generate it in ASI Datalab?

Sawtooth Wave

The sawtooth wave is a kind of non-sinusoidal waveform. It is so named based on its resemblance to the teeth of a plain-toothed saw with a zero-rake angle. The convention is that a sawtooth wave ramps upward and then sharply drops.

To get sawtooth wave in ASI Datalab following parameters are required as Input:

  • Time Length(s) – The time period for which the signal should be generated.
  • Required Frequency (Hz) – The frequency with which the signal has to be generated.Sampling
  • Rate(samples/sec) – How many samples should be generated in each second.
  • Y unit – The Unit for the Y axis.
  • Amplitude – Required maximum value of the signal.
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