What is a Sine Wave and how to generate it in ASI Datalab?

Sine Wave

A sine wave or sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth periodic oscillation. Its most basic form as a function of time (t) is:
 y(t) = A sin(ωt + φ)
A = Amplitude
ω=2πf – angular frequency
t = time
φ = Phase

To get sine wave in ASI Datalab following parameters are required as Input:

  • Time Length(s) – The time period for which the signal should be generated.
  • Required Frequency (Hz) – The frequency with which the signal has to be generated.
  • Sampling Rate(samples/sec) – How many samples should be generated in each second.
  • Y unit – The Unit for the Y axis.
  • Amplitude – Required maximum value of the signal.
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