What is 'Change Signal Unit Label' function and how it can be used in ASI Datalab?

Change Signal Unit Label

“Change Signal Unit Label” function is used to change the Unit label of the signal. It is used when the data is converted from one unit to another, but the label is not changed. For example, when acquired voltage is calibrated using sensitivity and offset values the signal unit shows as Voltage, which need to change as per engineering unit of sensitivity example g or m/sec^2 in case of acceleration data. User can select appropriate unit from the drop-down list that appears when you select the function.

To use this function in ASI Datalab following options are available

Voltage (V), Current (A), Metre (m), Millimetre (mm), Micrometre (µm), Pascal (Pa), MegaPascal (MPa), Bar (bar), Degree Celsius (oC), Newton (N), Radians (rad), Loudness (Sone), Kilometre per hour (Kmph) and many more….
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